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Answers To Your Most Frequent Mobile DJ Questions

Why should we use PM Enterprises?

For over 25 years PM Enterprises has been serving the entire Twin Cities metro area with the highest level of DJ Music and entertainment services available in Minnesota. Our specialty at PM Enterprises is memorable, worry-free events with talented DJs who are professional, fun entertainers. We have a vast music library of over 50,000 song titles and the best state-of-the-art equipment.

Why should we use a music DJ instead of a live band?

Live bands can be great for the wedding dance, yet there are a lot of limitations with even the best of live bands.

Live Band Limitations:
Limited repertoire of songs
Songs never sound just like original
Music stops for live band's breaks
Difficulty with volume control and quality
DJ Advantages:
DJ has more than 50,000 song titles
DJs can play almost any song, any version
Music never stops for entire event with DJ
DJ controls volume, always great quality

What are your DJs like?

PM Enterprises' professional DJ talent is composed of versatile DJ performers who are as outgoing or as reserved—but always fun and respectful—as your wedding reception requires. The focus of attention will always remain on you and your guests; it's your day to celebrate.

Can your wedding DJs handle the master of ceremonies duties?

PM Enterprises' professional DJ talent is among the most experienced, and most requested wedding DJs in Minneapolis area. And our wedding DJs expertly handle all MC responsibilities and keep the fun rolling! Every Entertainer/DJ at PM Enterprises is a seasoned music DJ professional who will make your special celebration memorable, worry-free, and very FUN!

What if something goes wrong with the music sound system?

PM Enterprises maintains all our equipment regularly in order to eliminate the possibility of any problems at your event. Every PM Enterprises Wedding DJ has back-up gear at each event, so that you'll have outstanding sound and the music keeps the party going, no matter what.

What about the songs that we don’t want played at our wedding?

When you meet with us at PM Enterprises to plan your wedding entertainment, we ask for a "do not play" list of music. Your wedding DJ will make sure you won't hear any unwelcome song surprises at your reception.

How far in advance do we need to reserve wedding DJs for our date?

It is best to book your wedding date from six to eighteen months in advance. We recommend contacting PM Enterprises as soon as you know the date of your wedding to reserve your date. Dates are subject to availability.

Do you take last-minute MN wedding DJ reservations?

Yes, subject to availability. If you are in a bind and need a wedding DJ at the last-minute, call PM Enterprises at 763-434-2232 and we will make every effort to come to the rescue!

What time will the wedding DJ arrive at the reception venue?

Your PM Enterprise wedding entertainer/DJ will arrive forty-five minutes to an hour before your scheduled reception start time to set up for your event.

What will the DJ wear to our wedding?

PM Enterprise wedding DJs come to every event dressed in a formal tux.

How much choice do we have in the music selection?

As much as you'd like. Check out the music selection tools on our web site. You can hand pick every single song that's played at your wedding reception or just highlight as many specific songs and music genres that you like to hear. Your PM Enterprise MN wedding DJ crafts a music menu customized for your wedding reception to perfectly reflect your taste.

Our family and relatives are from different ethnic backgrounds—do you have all kinds of traditional music?

PM Enterprises has over 50,000 music selections including music of every national tradition and ethnic background—and we add more every day. We can put together a music selection of specific types of cultural music. We will also get song titles or a specific type of music that may not be in our music database, if it is still in print. Of course we'll work with your collection, too.

Does the wedding DJ play guests' requests?

This is entirely up to you. This is part of the decisions that are made when you meet with us at PM Enterprises to plan your wedding entertainment. Your wedding DJ will play what your guests request, if that's what you want. However, if you'd prefer that your DJ not take requests; then your wedding DJ will professionally, politely not take requests.

How many songs will the wedding DJ play during our reception?

On average, a song is about 3-4 minutes long—you can figure your Minneapolis Wedding DJ will play approximately 12-15 songs per hour of your wedding reception.

Is it possible for our friend or family member to sing a couple of songs at our wedding reception?

Absolutely. At your request, your PM Enterprise wedding DJ will have a microphone available—s/he can sing a cappella or the DJ can play the background music to the song while s/he sings over it.

Will the DJ stay longer than the contracted time if the reception goes longer than we expected?

As long as it’s an evening wedding, PM Enterprise wedding DJs will stay for as long as you’d like for a minimal fee.

Do you give a tip to the Wedding DJ?

Gratuity is not included in your event invoice. Generally people tip their wedding disc jockey 10% to 15% of the total payment.

Should we plan on DJ entertainment having a meal?

It’s your choice; however it is customary for couples to provide a meal for their wedding reception DJ.

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